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The Waldemar Bonsels Foundation

The Waldemar Bonsels Foundation

The Waldemar Bonsels Foundation is based in Munich. The Foundation is dedicated to the cultivation of the author Waldemar Bonsels' literary heritage. His extensive literary legacy is housed at the Monacensia Literary Archives and is currently being made available online at www.monacensia-digital.de/bonsels. Part of Bonsels' estate, including his large and diverse collection of graphic art, is on permanent loan at the Munich City Museum, where it can be viewed in the study room of the graphics collection. The WBF is also committed to a critical scholarly reappraisal of Bonsels’ work, and its cultural context. The foundation sponsored an interdisciplinary conference, "100 Years of Maya the Bee - Waldemar Bonsels' Literature and its Consequences", at the Munich Literature House in 2011; the proceedings were published as "Waldemar Bonsels. Karrierestrategien eines Erfolgsschriftstellers" or the biography "Der Honigsammler. Waldemar Bonsels. Vater der Biene Maja" (Berlin: Matthes & Seitz, 2015).

The Waldemar Bonsels Foundation also sponsors projects and initiatives in the field of book studies; it promotes

  •     scholarship and research
  •     education, adult education and vocational training
  •     art and culture

The WBF's funding activities focus primarily on teaching and research in book and media studies, children's and young adult literature, as well as the promotion of reading skills and cultural education.

With the sponsorship of the Waldemar Bonsels Foundation, the International Book Studies Society has been able to support academic research, conferences, and publications, including the following:

  • IBG Annual Meetings
  • IBG Yearbook Kodex
  • publication series Buchwissenschaftliche Beiträge

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